The Valparaiso Police made the following statement on a suspicious video investigation:
“The Valparaiso Police investigated the report of a suspicious video brought to the attention of Valparaiso High School staff Monday.  The incident, involving a Valparaiso High School special needs student, stemmed from a social media posting showing the male subject swinging a baseball bat while talking about an acquaintance.  A follow-up video further showed the same male handling various “weapon like” toys associated with the television show, The Walking Dead. The investigation revealed that no threats were made to any specific student, staff, school, or school system and that the male had no access to real weapons.  The incident was found to not be malicious or intended to alarm in any way. The investigation is on-going and has not lead to charges being filed on the student. The Valparaiso Police Department is confident there is no credible threat or harmful intent on the part of the student; however each potential incident of this manner is taken seriously and investigated.  We continue to partner with the Valparaiso Community Schools and are thankful they brought this report to our attention.”