A ceremony held yesterday on the south lawn of the Indiana Statehouse recognized the graduation of seven K-9 teams from the DNR Division of Law Enforcement’s K-9 Resource Protection Program.The seven graduating teams represented the states of Kansas, Oregon, Utah and Virginia.The K-9 teams trained and honed their skills in Orange County in southern Indiana to qualify to the ceremony.The Indiana K-9 program started in 1997, with a pilot program of two teams. The effectiveness of the program was quickly realized. The program grew to a team of 12 K-9 units located throughout Indiana. There is at least one K-9 unit in all 10 Indiana DNR Law Enforcement districts.The Indiana K-9 program is not only well respected in the Hoosier state, but also recognized as one of the top programs in the nation. Indiana has helped start and train teams from seven sister natural resource agencies (Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Oregon, Utah and Virginia).