INDOT announced a delay in reopening the Indianapolis Boulevard (U.S. 12/20) lift bridge in East Chicago due to challenges on site from a variety of factors. Crews have been working on two individual projects on Indianapolis Blvd., a bridge deck project on the lift bridge over Lake George Canal and a separate pavement project on Indianapolis Blvd. leading up to the lift bridge. The goal was to complete both projects and reopen the roadway/bridge in early July. While the bridge was completed on schedule, the pavement project experienced delays and required some redesign work due to numerous factors, including high water levels.The bridge cannot be opened until the pavement work is complete because there are deep cuts in the roadway, construction vehicle/equipment often blocks two-way traffic, and employees are actively working in the area. Local businesses and emergency services do have access to the area, but reinstating all traffic must wait until the project is complete. INDOT says crews are working as quickly as they can to expedite the project and are hopeful to have the road reopened by late August.