Sgt. Jamie Erow along with South Haven Fire Department’s Asst. Chief Tina Nabhan and Captain Eric Wood presented items from their respective departments to a local South Haven toddler for her bravery during a medical call for her mother. In February of this year, 2 year old Teegan, was home with her mom and 2 week old infant sister when her mother began having a medical issue. The mother, Loren, had called her husband Nathan, to tell him she was having some complications and felt she needed to go to the hospital. Before Nathan was able to leave work, 21 month old Teegan, used her mom’s cellphone to FaceTime her Dad at work to show him that “mommy was sick.” Nathan was then able to see the urgency and immediately called 911. South Haven Fire, EMS, and Porter County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the residence and Loren was immediately transported to Porter Regional Hospital where she remained for several days. Teegan was presented with a pink embroidered blanket with her name and Porter County Sheriff’s star on it from the Sheriff’s Office and a personalized Build-A-Bear from the Fire Department