The percentage of students graduating from Indiana public colleges is increasing, and more students are graduating on time.
This is according to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s latest College Completion Report.
More than 40 percent of all Indiana public college students graduate on-time, or within four years for a bachelor’s degree and two years for an associate degree, according to the report.
On-time graduation increased by almost 13 percentage points between 2013 and 2018 and by more than two percentage points in a one-year period (2017 to 2018).
Extended-time graduation – within six years for any degree type – also is rising. Nearly two-thirds of Hoosiers or 61.8 percent or complete college within the extended timeframe, the state said.
College completion rates are improving across all Indiana campus types.
About 47.3 percent of all students who attend a public four-year campus in Indiana graduate on-time, an improvement of over 11 percentage points in the five-year period, the state said.