Attorney General Curtis Hill is warning Hoosier consumers to beware of scams perpetrated by online posers in the wake of a recent Equifax settlement following the company’s 2017 announcement of a data breach affecting approximately 147 million people.
Scammers have been setting up fraudulent websites that imitate the appearance of an authentic site created to enable people affected by the breach to file claims.
The website is authentic. (See the Federal Trade Commission’s recent post about this website.)
Would-be scammers, however, have begun setting up imposter websites – misspelling “breach” as “breech” in one URL, for example, and misspelling “settlement” in other web addresses.
Online scammers imitating other websites are often engaged in “phishing” — an effort to get people to reveal such personal data as credit card numbers.
Consumers who believe they are the victims of scam attempts are asked to report them to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by calling 1-800-382-5516 or going online at and clicking the “File a Complaint” box at the bottom of the page.