Portage Police say they have received numerous complaints about solicitation phone calls from an “Indiana Pro Services” company claiming they’re aware that there’s been a lot of damage to roofs in our area and asking people “if they’re going to be home tomorrow”. When they were questioned, the person calling would get pushy and agitated and then hang up. The caller asked numerous times if the person they called would be home the next day. The numbers they are calling from have been phished to appear like local numbers, one of the numbers even came up as one of the City of Portage Department Heads. On a google search the only company police found with that name was out of Granger, Indiana with P.O. Box for its address. When police called the number it went straight to voicemail. Police are reminding residents the following tips: #1. Do not tell strangers whether or not you’ll be home. #2. If anything seems strange, ask for a number that you can call them back at. #3. If someone shows up at your door claiming to be from this company or any other company, ask for ID and ask to see their solicitor permit. You are not obligated to talk with them. #4. You can always call the police to come check it out.