The La Porte City Police Department will be conducting School Bus Safety patrols now through September 13th. Officers will be working approximately 80 hours of extra patrols under the Stop Arm Violation Enforcement (SAVE) grant from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. Patrols will target those drivers who pass School Buses while the Stop Arm is activated.
Police are reminding the public that school begins today and paying attention to buses and the young children riding them should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind. The La Porte Police Department asks the public to be vigilant of their driving habits to ensure not only the safety of themselves but also for the children embarking and disembarking a school bus.
SAVE is a traffic safety grant program funded by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and administered by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. For more information on Operation Pull Over, SAVE and the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute’s other programs and activities, please visit