Chesterton Police have received questions regarding a recent Facebook post about a citizen being pulled over on I-94 between Michigan City and Chesterton by two males potentially impersonating police officers. Police did speak with the citizen about the incident and referred them to the Indiana State Police because the Indiana State Police has jurisdiction of I-94. The Indiana State Police are actively investigating the incident and will release more information when it becomes available.
Police would like to remind everyone of the Indiana state laws regarding police officers and traffic stops. 

  1. A police officer MUST be in a fully marked police vehicle (Police decals easily signifying that the vehicle is a police vehicle) OR 
  2. In an unmarked police vehicle but in full police uniform to initiate a traffic stop for a traffic infraction.

If you are being pulled over and are not sure if the person pulling you over is a police officer you should do the following.

  1. Drive to a well lit public location. 
  2. While driving to the a well lit public location call 911 and explain the situation and that you are concerned that a person other than a police officer is trying to pull you over. 
  3. Follow the directions that the dispatchers gives you.

If anyone has any further questions regarding their safety and traffic stops contact 219-926-1136.