Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer is proud to announce that the Michigan City Sanitary District (District) will be receiving a grant of over $171,000 from the Indiana Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Committee to help fund the purchase of three new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered Dump Trucks. The funds supporting this award are provided through Volkswagen’s commitments in a national consent decree.
These new clean burning CNG Dump trucks will emit very low amounts of greenhouse gas, especially as compared to diesel powered vehicles.
According to Michael Kuss, General Manager of the Sanitary District, the District currently operates eleven CNG powered vehicles.
The Dump Trucks will primarily be used by the Refuse Department. The trucks currently used by the Refuse Department are over 20 years old, diesel fueled, and in need of replacement. The Sanitary District has until December 2020 to use the matching $171,133 for the purchase of the three dump trucks. The dump trucks are expected to cost about $220,000 each.