On Saturday, at around 8:40 AM, deputies were providing traffic control at various locations throughout rural Center Township for the Tour de La Porte running events.  At the intersection of Small Road and CR 500 West, Sergeants Jon Burger and L. Scott Boswell were present. As a van traveling northbound on CR 500 West passed them, they each detected an odor commonly associated with that of illegal drug use emitting from the interior of the vehicle.  Detective Jim Fish, who was positioned at the intersection of CR 150 North and CR 500 West, was alerted about the approaching vehicle. Detective Fish also detected the same odor emitting from the vehicle as it passed him.  
Deputy Wade Wallace, who was also assigned to the traffic control detail, began to travel behind the van.  While doing so, Deputy Wallace detected the same odor even with his police cruiser windows in the upright position.  After observing two traffic infractions, Deputy Wallace initiated a traffic stop on the van in the 6000 west block of Johnson Road.  The driver of the van was identified as 34 year old Michael M. Morse.  
Morse was arrested for Possession of Marijuana, A-Misdemeanor and transported to the La Porte County Jail. Arrests and criminal charges are mere accusations.  Every person is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.