Fall is an important time for the millions of Hoosiers with health insurance. Not only does the Medicare Annual Enrollment period start today (10/15), but many employers are setting aside a two-week period for workers to choose their health-care coverage for 2020. Vice President of UnitedHealthcare in Indiana John Lurker emphasizes the importance of reviewing plan options, and taking into account any changes in your own health. Lurker says any expected future health events such as having a baby or surgery should be considered as it could impact the total cost of a plan, and not just the monthly premium. He also recommends reviewing prescription drug needs, including coverage, cost, and the price for generics compared with brand names. Lurker says one way to save on health-care costs is to look for a plan with a well-being program. Another option becoming more widespread among insurance plans is virtual visits, which Lurker says allow patients to connect with a health-care provider 24/7 from the comfort of home. More information about open-enrollment and health-insurance terms is available online at UHCOpenEnrollment-dot-com. Medicare annual enrollment runs to December 7th, which is around the same time most employer-based enrollment periods have also been completed.