Posting your address at your home is more than a convenience for your mail-carrier, it’s the law. Homes in Ogden Dunes are required to visibly display their address in at least four-inch (4”) numerals on their house and/or near the street in front of the house. Sure, it makes it easy for the delivery-person, but it’s more than that, way more. It may be the difference between life and death. Fire-rescue, police, and emergency medical services are all dispatched by those very addresses. Posting an address visibly helps emergency responders save vital seconds that may save you or a family member’s life. House Number displayed on your home and/or near the street in front of your home. House Number visible from the street with a MINIMUM of four-inch (4”) numerals. Larger numerals may be needed for visibility from the street. House Numbers of a contrasting color to background to ensure visibility.