Mayor Ron Meer and Police Chief Mark Swistek met Thursday morning along with Assistant Chiefs Royce Williams and Kevin Urbanczyk. The police chiefs tendered their resignations to the Mayor; however, they assured the Mayor they will continue to serve the community as chiefs until their successors are chosen. The Mayor and police chiefs want to reassure the public there will be no gap in police protection or coverage to the City during this transition. The Mayor has regrettably accepted their resignations Once their successors are chosen, it is anticipated the three chiefs will return to their former rank within the Department and will continue to serve the City as members of the Michigan City Police Department. The Mayor acknowledges he and his family have been under extreme stress and criticism since the recent arrest of his stepson, and states “This morning, I upologized for my choice of words to the Chief during a private heated discussion, and I apologize to the members of the Michigan City Police Department, especially to the detectives currently assigned to the Drug Task Force. I did not mean what I said to Chief Swistek and I had no intention of reassigning any officers on the LaPorte County Drug Task Force or withdrawing the cooperation and participation of the Michigan City Police Department on said task force.” The Mayor further stated that “I am committed to the health and safety of the public, and I respect the hard working members of the Michigan City Police Department and Fraternal Order of Police and thank them and their families for their dedicated service to our community.” Chief Swistek states “I support this administration and still stand with Mayor Meer.” The Chief further states “I will continue to assist with the command structure and will lend my support with the transition to the new police chief and his or her assistants.” The Mayor met with representatives from the Fraternal Order of Police Thursday afternoon and assured them of his continued commitment to all members of their organization. The Mayor, with the assistance of the President of the Michigan City Police Merit Commission as well as members from his administration, are actively working to secure successors for Chief Swistek and Williams and Urbanczyk.