In the 2019 General Election on Tuesday, Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer and Damon Carnes narrowly lost to Republican candidate Duane Parry. Parry, with only a 76 vote margin, had just under 30% of the vote while Meer had around 28 1/2% and Carnes had nearly 27% of the vote. Jim Larocco finished with just under 15% of the vote. Meer was first elected in 2011. Parry is the first Republican mayor to hold the office in 44 years. Democrats retained control of the Michigan City Common Council as Council President Don Przybylinski, who will serve his third consecutive term on the council, and Councilman Johnny Stimley both won. Przybylinski received 28.58% of the at-large vote while Stimley received 26.95% of the at-large vote. Angie Nelson-Deuitch won the third at-large seat on the council with 24.82% of the vote. Paul Przybylinski, brother of Don Przybylinski, also won re-election, retaining the 2nd Ward council seat with just over 73% of the vote. Michael Mack was elected to represent the 3rd Ward, receiving 63.57% of the vote. Councilman Gene Simmons retained his 6th Ward council seat, beating Dan Granquist and Franklin Anderson with nearly 66% of the vote. Tracie Tillman received 53.71% of the vote to defeat Republican Nathan Patrick in the 5th Ward. On Tuesday night, Republican Tom Dermody was elected the next mayor of the city of La Porte. The mayor-elect earned 81.55% of the vote while Democrat Matt Wilhelm earned 18.45%. The mayor-elect will take office in early January 2020.