AK Smith Career Center Receives Significant Amount Of Equipment For Fire Science Program from local area fire departments-Thank you to all of the Fire Departments listed below

The AK Smith Career Center, celebrated the donation of a significant amount of equipment to the Fire Science Program.
The Michigan City Fire Department donated an old fire engine no longer able to be used by the department.

Other items donated include equipment for the engine, such as hose, nozzles, hand tools, axes, turnout gear, SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), helmets, gloves, thermal imaging camera, Ventilation Fans and a multitude of small firefighting tools.

Departments that have donated to the program :
Michigan City Fire
LaPorte Fire
Kankakee Twp. Fire
Coolspring Twp. Fire
Long Beach Fire
Kingsbury Fire Dept.
Springfield Twp Fire
Lincoln Twp. Fire
Pleasant Twp. Fire
Center Twp. Fire
New Carlisle Fire Dept.
Scipio Twp. Fire