The new “dogbone” interchange at SR 2 and U.S. 20 in LaPorte County is now open to traffic. According to INDOT, the new configuration includes the elimination of a traffic light, which has been replaced with a bridge running north-south, with east-west traffic passing underneath. On either ends of the bridge are roundabouts used to move traffic efficiently and safely.
INDOT is encouraging motorists to use the interchange, taking it slow and becoming familiar with how it all works.
INDOT stated, “The new interchange features a significant reduction in potential conflict points, which will lead to a dramatic increase in safety. Previously, this area featured one of the highest crash rates in the state due to rear-end crashes and red-light running.
Roundabouts, though not common in LaPorte County, are a proven safety feature and lead to an overall reduction in crashes, a drastic reduction in injury crashes and a near-elimination of fatal crashes.”