In an update regarding the death of 27 year old Adriana Saucedo, The Portage Police Detectives have located and detained the 17-year suspect from this investigation. He has been brought back to the Portage Police Department. His parents and attorney were there as well.
Police have further information with regards to the 16-year old suspect. Reportedly, he was involved in a vehicle pursuit with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday November 20th. He was driving what is believed to be the vehicle-(Pontiac) in which Ms. Saucedo was shot. At the time of the pursuit, the 16-year old was driving the vehicle and ultimately crashed near the intersection of Whitcomb Street and 23rd Avenue in Gary. The 16-year old then fled on foot and was ultimately caught and arrested. He was taken to the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center and later released with an ankle monitor. The Pontiac was impounded as part of that incident and is now in Portage Police Custody.
The investigation into the death of Ms. Saucedo is still ongoing. Anyone with any additional information should contact Detective Heuberger at 219-764-5707.