INDOT has been working on adding a center turn lane between Woodland Avenue and Johnson Road, as part of a larger resurfacing project between U.S. 421 and SR 212. The resurfacing between U.S. 421 & Woodland and Johnson & SR 212 is done for now, needing only the final surface layer that will go down along the entire corridor. The road widening portion for the new center turn lane is not nearly as complete. Work in this area started back in April and was scheduled to wrap up this fall. But, beginning early on, INDOT encountered many delays related to both utility relocation and weather. The weather delays here were particularly troubling because this area floods easily, and long periods of high water often delayed work. About three months worth of working days were lost, which is going to push the completion date for the project into 2020. INDOT has recently straightened the lanes so there is one lane in each direction with a center turn lane running through the corridor in a straight line. The area will remain this way through the winter. Work is anticipated to begin in spring of 2020, and once it does, they anticipate having about two months’ worth of work before it is completely finished. Once this project is done, all of U.S. 20 from the Porter County line all the way up to the junction with SR 2 will have been resurfaced. Over the next five years or so, INDOT plans to add even more center turn lanes along this corridor.