One of Tom Dermody’s first priorities as LaPorte’s mayor-elect has been the selection of a team of department heads dedicated to transparent and customer-centric service in city government.

To lead the future of code compliance, Dermody has named former LaPorte Slicer Jeff Batchelor as code compliance director. In this role, Batchelor will be tasked with promoting and maintaining a safe and desirable living and working environment for all residents of the city of LaPorte.

“Our city codes exist to protect public health and safety,” Dermody said. “Citations are one tool that can be utilized to encourage compliance, however, sometimes the most effective tool is communication.  When filling this role, it was important to find someone who could be visible in the community, proactively helping folks to understand why compliance is important and how they can improve their properties to the benefit of both themselves and the community. I am confident Jeff has what it takes to maintain high standards while securing crucial community buy-in.”

Batchelor most recently served as residential manager for Lake County Community Corrections where he maintained security inside the facility and ensured compliance with all rules and regulations. Prior to that, Batchelor spent 19 years working for the Indiana State Prison where he served in multiple roles including emergency commander.

“I have spent most of my adult life in public service, but there is something so special about coming home to serve the community that made you who you are today,” Batchelor said. “LaPorte was a great place to grow up, and in this role, I want to ensure the same for future generations of Slicers. This won’t be something I can do alone, and I am excited to work in tandem with residents to make our city the best it can be.”

Batchelor will assume the role of code compliance director effective Wednesday, January 6th.


Note to the press:
Please find the below photo of LaPorte’s new code compliance director, Jeff Batchelor.