Monday morning at 12:15 a.m., Trooper Alaa Hamed observed a vehicle driving erratically in the area of 5th Avenue and Jefferson St. in Gary. The vehicle was driving at a very low rate of speed, weaving side to side and made several unsafe lane movements. Trooper Hamed made a traffic stop on the vehicle, and spoke with the driver. While speaking with the driver, he detected the strong odor of alcoholic beverages on the driver’s breath. Field sobriety tests were performed on the driver which lead the officer to have probable cause to place the driver into custody. When asked to place his hands behind his back, the driver, identified as 36 year old Varra N. Jones, of Portage, began to yell obscenities at the trooper. Jones became aggressive towards the officer and attempted to pull away, pushing Trooper Hamed with both hands. A brief physical altercation ensued with Trooper Hamed being able to gain control of the driver and placed him into custody. Trooper Hamed then transported Jones to the Lake County Jail where he consented to a breath test, the results of which were .245%. That result is three times the legal limit (.08%). During the arrest, several baggies containing different types of illegal substances were located. The substances field tested positive for Cocaine, Heroin and Ecstasy/MDMA. Jones is being charged with several drug offenses along with OWI: prior conviction, operating while intoxicated with bac .15% or more, operating while intoxicated endangering, and resisting law enforcement.