The Economic Development Corporation Michigan City, (EDCMC) as part of it new Strategic Action Plan 2019-2023 is forming the Neighborhood Leadership Academy to assist in the development of neighborhood leadership associations or developing programs. This training program is intended to help build capacity within and among Michigan City neighborhoods with the vision of addressing local issues and opportunities in a productive and positive manner.

Michigan City Neighborhood Leadership Academy (MCNLA) seeks to strengthen the communities by educating citizens on the various roles of city government and community partners; and encourages them to build strong neighborhood associations, communicate with city government and engage in neighborhood-level projects.

Mayor Duane Parry said,” This is one of my campaign promises and an excellent first step to ensure stronger neighborhoods within the City of Michigan City. By educating residents about their community, you install pride and empower them to be part of the change to restore our neighborhoods. I am very happy to see community partnerships working together to strengthen our community.”

MCLNA is an eight-week course beginning in early March for residents who seek to develop their neighborhoods by working with local organizations utilizing local resources. Participants will learn to grow or start their neighborhood association by creating a vision working with neighbors and the rest of the community.

“We are very excited about this program as it models similar approaches across the State of Indiana. Each class will cover different aspects of organizing a neighborhood association, harnessing local resources, hearing from city departments, learning about Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), creating a neighborhood vision plan, and meet residents from across the city who also wish to make difference in their community,” said Clarence Hulse, EDCMC Executive Director.

The course is offered to Michigan City residents, age 18 and over, at no cost and is being sponsored by the Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ), the Unity Foundation, and Horizon Bank. Thirty (30) applicants will be chosen based on community involvement, volunteer experience and ability to make the time commitment for class.  All are welcome to apply as we would like to have two representatives from each neighborhood representing the city’s six wards.

Applications can be found on the EDCMC website, or by contacting the EDCMC office at 219-873-1211 or email Please contact the EDCMC office for more information. Applications are due February 14, 2020; however, applicants are encouraged to apply early as the first class begins on March 5th. All applicants will be notified by February 18th. Applications can be submitted by emailing it to


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