In 2019, Michigan City was awarded a Federal Lead Grant in the amount of 2.3 million dollars, with a local match of $420,000.00. After careful review of the current progress of this grant, the new City Administration does not believe we can successfully comply with all the terms and conditions set forth in the grant which includes meeting the quota threshold of 150 units needed to be completed by the federal grant guidelines.

If the City does not successfully comply with all the terms and conditions of this grant before it expires, the city of Michigan City will be liable for repaying all the 2.3 million in federal monies as well as completely losing the local match of $420,000.00.

Mayor Duane Parry and his Administration after careful consideration believe that it would be improper to place the city in a detrimental financial liability and has started the process of discontinuing the grant.

By ending this program and satisfying our outstanding liabilities, we would then be able to return approximately $300,000 to the Riverboat Fund.

Based on concern for our children, the Mayor and his Administration will be conducting lead abatement through our Community Development Block Grant Program. In addition to this the public should know that the State of Indiana has a lead abatement program called the Lead Community Action Program. This program is similar to the Federal Lead Grant the city was awarded but actually provides more abatement funding to residents.

The City will continue to do lead abatement through the Community Development Block Grant Program as well as refer citizens to the state program.