Mom Asking for MC to Vote for Her Daughter in the Great Bike Giveaway

 In celebration of DisAbility Awareness month, next month, Joanne Tedesco, past Michigan City Human Rights Commissioner with a focus on the disability community, School Board Member and disability advocate, is reaching back to her roots in Michigan City, asking for community  support/votes.  She’s entered the Great Bike Giveaway, an annual program hosted by Friendship Circle, a non-profit organization that provides children with special needs the opportunity to win an adaptive bike.  To date, over 1,000 adaptive bikes have been given to individuals with special needs.

“Every child deserves to experience the joy of riding a bike and this contest is a way for us to win a bike that will allow Madelyn and I to hit the trails in our new community,” said Joanne Tedesco.  “Madelyn can ride a bike but has no understanding of her surroundings, which creates a safety hazard for her and those around her.”

In order to win, Tedesco must receive the most votes and/or obtain donations, the amount of the tandem bike ($5,400) she’s hoping for.  While her daughter can ride an adaptive three-wheeled bike, she doesn’t understand her surroundings or place within space, which creates a huge safety risk.  Tedesco is desperately asking her new community for support by simply going to her page –

“In order for Madelyn to ride her bike, I must run alongside of her to make sure she doesn’t hit a mailbox, person, car…and we really want to experience a family bike outing, which we’ve not done since she was born almost 11 years ago.  So, I’m asking the wonderful, supportive city of Michigan City to please vote and share the contest link with family and friends.  Please ask them to vote we can win from most votes alone.” 

The Great Bike Giveaway registration and voting started on February 12 at noon (EST) and voting ends on Wednesday, March 4 at noon (EST).  Winners with the most votes will be announced on Thursday, March 5 at noon (EST).  Fundraising ends and the Great Bike Giveaway will conclude on Wednesday, March 25th at noon (EST).

Friendship Circle, a non-profit is hosting their annual Great Bike Giveaway that provides children with special needs the opportunity to win an adaptive bicycle. To date, over one million dollars have been raised and over 1,100 adaptive bikes have been provided to kids with disabilities. Imagine never being able to ride a bike with your family or not having the chance to ride with friends? For a child with special needs, riding a bike is much more than exercise, it’s about making them like just one of the kids. You can read more information about the Great Bike Giveaway at

Did you know that there are 54 million Americans with a disability?  In fact, adults and children with disabilities represent nearly a fifth of Indian’s population.  With Disability Awareness Month (March) in its 30th year, Tedesco would like to pay it forward by offering her current three-wheeled adaptive bike to a family in need.  If you’re interested, call 573.355.7855 or message her.


Media contact:  Joanne Tedesco, or 573.355.7855