On Saturday, 11 of our choral students traveled to Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis to compete at the ISSMA State Solo and Ensemble Competition. Isabelle Eaton (sophomore), Savannah Holley (sophomore), Gwyneth Sardon (junior) and Delaina Adams (junior) all received Gold ratings for their vocal solos. Savannah Holley received a perfect score and earned a Gold “With Distinction” and Delaina Adams also received a Gold “With Distinction”. The small ensemble composed of Savannah Holley, Delaina Adams, Raven Stansil (junior), Gwyneth Sardon, Isabelle Eaton and Chanay Hammond (junior) received a Gold rating at the contest. Finally, the large ensemble composed of Delaina Adams, Felicia Skelton (senior), Raven Stansil, Gwyneth Sardon, Isabelle Eaton, Michael Lakin (junior), Jimmie Cooper (junior), Aidan Pedroza (freshman), and Jed Ottersen (senior) received a Gold rating at the contest. Congratulations to all the choir students! Your hard work and dedication paid off and we are very proud of your accomplishments.