Officer Andraos Zaknoun was recently recognized by Warden Ron Neal at the Indiana State Prison for stopping illegal drugs from entering into the facility. As a result the employee was recognized with a $500 Cash Spot Bonus.

Recently, while working visitation, Officer Zaknoun was diligent in his observation of a visitor, resulting in a subsequent arrest. In recognition of meritorious service, the Indiana Department of Correction has a procedure in place to recognize staff with Cash Spot Bonuses. The goal is to award the Indiana Department of Correction’s deserving and qualified employees with awards mirroring their achievements.

Warden Neal stated, “Officer Zaknoun prevented dangerous drugs from entering the Indiana State Prison, which helps us on a multitude of levels. Drugs in this environment are extremely dangerous!  His attentiveness to his surroundings demonstrated the characteristics I expect to see from the exemplary officers working for the Indiana State Prison.”

About Trafficking

Trafficking in a correctional facility is defined as the act of buying or selling of illegal substances or substances which may be legal but are not permitted in a correctional environment, such as the sale or trade of tobacco products.