Mayor Parry would like to keep everyone informed as to the new bridge construction occurring on U.S. 12 throughout the spring and summer with a projected fall completion.

Construction road sign against a blue sky

INDOT has contracted Superior Construction to replace the bridge deck, with work having started earlier this week. In addition, as part of the project, the “bump” when heading west over the bridge will be corrected, giving everyone a smooth ride.

Now the good news! With the replacement of the deck, the bridge will REMAIN OPEN during the construction and all our summer events. The bridge was also redesigned to include all new blue underpainting to match the bridge at 421 and I-94. There will be an addition of 29 new 18’ tall decorative light poles installed as well to improve visibility. All the concrete walls will be replaced with see-through black railing, which will allow for panoramic views of the water and surrounding area as you pass over the bridge while driving or walking.

Two new exciting elements will also be added to the bridge. The first, is a separated pedestrian walkway on the northern part of the bridge.  The walkway is separated from the traffic by a concrete wall which will make a safer walkway on the bridge.  Second is a larger pathway on the south that will have enough room for bicyclists, strollers, and pedestrians to cross the bridge.  This larger pathway is also separated from traffic with a protective concrete wall.  Currently the walkways are separated only by a small 6-8” curb so pedestrians feel like they are walking in traffic and this is not a very safe position for a pedestrian to be in as they walk across the bridge.

We are excited for this new bridge and improvements made by INDOT. The construction will take some time but will be worth it in the long run. Blue Chip Casino has opened an auxiliary entrance off “E” Street and all signage is in place for alternate routes. Any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to the Mayor’s office (873-1400), or the Indiana Department of Transportation (855-INDOT-4-U).