La Porte County Sheriff John T. Boyd is announcing the release of the 2019 Annual Report.  The amount of calls for service in 2019 increased by 15%. Offenses generating an incident report increased by 13%. Statistical data revealed an increase in several violent crime categories. In 2018, zero homicides were investigated.  However, in 2019 a total of three (3) homicides were investigated. Robberies increased by 50% (6 vs. 9) and batteries increased by 11% (211 vs. 235).  Reported rapes decreased by 80% (5 vs. 1). In 2019, a total of 1,378 subjects were arrested by deputies of the Sheriff’s Office.  A total of 3,486 traffic citations were issued in 2019. 8,118 traffic warnings were issued to motorists by Sheriff’s Office Deputies. 1,274 traffic crashes were investigated in 2019, a reduction from the previous year (1,314).  Of those, 262 personal injury crashes were investigated in 2019 as compared to 285 personal injury crashes investigated in 2018. Seven fatality crashes were investigated in 2019 by deputies as compared to nine in 2018.  Alcohol related crashes investigated by deputies dropped dramatically.  In 2018, 67 alcohol related crashes were investigated as to compared to 24 in 2019, a 64% reduction.  The La Porte County Jail booked in 4,520 subjects.  The Warrants Division processed a total of 3,399 criminal arrest warrants that were issued in 2019.  A total of 2,911 criminal arrests warrants were served in 2019.      The entire annual report, along with the entire Jail Division annual report, will be published on the agency’s website: