La Porte citizens should not flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet, according to Wastewater Department Director Jerry Jackson.

With toilet paper shelves empty across the country, Jackson said many are resorting to other options like “flushable” wipes. However, Jackson said these wipes do not break down the same as toilet paper and can cause blockages in the city’s wastewater system, as well as customers’ pipes. He said this can result in costly plumbing bills for citizens.

“Though they are often marketed as ‘flushable,’ these wipes can lead to serious back-ups in our city’s sewer system,” Jackson said. “With many stores running low on toilet paper, I know some people may not have any other choice. Still, these wipes should be disposed of in trash – not the toilet.”

According to Jackson, the city has had three blockages due to wipes in the last week. For reference, he said the city normally has 6 to 10 sewer blockages in an entire year.

“This is a problem that is completely avoidable,” Jackson said. “We all have to do our part to help prevent this from becoming a greater issue during the pandemic. Just remember, ‘no wipes in the pipes.’”