The funds awarded through this grant will be used to purchase Automated Chest Compression devices (Lucas device, by brand name) for each of the EMS ambulances. These devices will allow continuous, uninterrupted chest compressions delivered to a person in cardiac arrest.

The La Porte County Commissioners and La Porte County Emergency Medical Service are grateful for this gift and wish to express a sincere thank you to the Board of Directors at the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte for
their generosity in these trying times. Commissioner Dr. Vidya Kora stated, “This gift will enable our EMS crews to deliver an even higher level of professional emergency response during transport for our citizens.”

La Porte County EMS Director Andrew McGuire stated, “This is a huge step in improving crew member safety as well as eliminating some of the potential exposure risks. We really appreciate this.”

La Porte County EMS continues to function as normal, responding to all 911 calls in La Porte County during this COVID 19 crisis. Proper PPE and limited exposure are critical in reducing the risk to first responders.

La Porte County EMS Assistant Director Eric Fenstermaker explained, “By utilizing the Lucas device, we are able to reduce the number of people needed to manage a cardiac arrest. Two staff members who would be needed to rotate cycles of manual chest compressions are eliminated by utilizing the Lucas device.”

Safety for EMS personnel as well as best practices for our citizens were deciding factors in the decision to apply
for this grant. The Lucas device adds to responder safety to eliminate personnel having to stand and perform chest compressions in the back of a moving ambulance. This project started 4 years ago with funding sought without success through various state and federal grants. The willingness of the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte to fund a project of such magnitude has finally provided La Porte County EMS with the much-needed devices. Delivery of the Lucas devices is slated to be in the next two weeks.

All members of La Porte County EMS will receive training on the deployment of the devices. They will be placed in service immediately following the completion of the training. Again, the La Porte County Commissioners and the La Porte County Emergency Medical Service would like to thank the Healthcare
Foundation of La Porte for their continued and generous support of our community.