The Michigan City Police are warning the community of a new version of an old scam that has resurfaced. The scam involves you receiving a test message, commonly from a number you do not recognize, indicating that you did not open your door when a $1,000 Walmart
gift card was delivered to your residence.
The text includes a link which states, “Claim it now”.

MCPD is advising please do not click on the link! The link will either direct you to a site in order to put in your personal and/or financial information, or the link can allow malware to be installed on your device. MCPD says either way, the text is a malicious scam sent out in order to collect your personal data and steal your money.Michigan City Police Department’s Sgt. Rodriguez received a text with this scam on his department issued cell phone. MCPD stated, this goes to show you that the scams are random and that scammers will send out their scam to everyone and anyone in order to defraud you.

Please be cautious and never click on any links, open any emails, and never provide any of your personal information to someone over the telephone that you do not know or trust. Most legitimate companies will never ask for your bank account information over the phone, let alone unsolicited.