Timely access to services has historically been one of the greatest hurdles of those seeking treatment for mental and behavioral health issues. During the COVID-19 pandemic, timely access has become even more important, as anxiety and stress levels begin to rise due to the uncertainty surrounding us all. As a part of their commitment to LaPorte County, Swanson Center has created a process to help remove these barriers. The Open Access Center is designed to meet the needs of people who are seeking treatment and helps them to take that first step in the (treatment) process.
The Open Access Center at Swanson Center allows anyone seeking treatment for mental and behavioral health issues to have the ability to walk in during the specified times at the designated locations and begin the registration process. Nichole Semala, MSW, LCSW, Open Access Coordinator, said, “The goal is to provide an intake for each patient on the same day that they begin this process, and to facilitate the process of the scheduling a follow-up appointment for services within the agency.”

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