In Hanna Township, LaPorte County this past Thursday evening, off-duty Sergeant Tony Wallace was alerted to a suspicious site and items that had been found on private property in the 5000 west block of Volk Road. The site and items were discovered by an adult female who resides in the area.

The suspicious site was a hole that was approximately three feet wide, approximately ten feet long and approximately two feet deep. The hole was located just east of the Richman Ditch in a small wooded area. Clothing and a shovel were also located near the hole.

After responding and viewing the aforementioned site and items, Sergeant Wallace immediately contacted detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division. Deputy Jon Samuelson responded and began to assist Sergeant Wallace.

Detectives responded to the site and began to investigate. The site was processed, photographed and the items were collected.

Detectives responded to the site again Friday and continued to investigate. A K-9, trained to conduct search and rescue operations, was brought in to assist. The K-9 did not provide any positive alerts at or around the site and area.