We have one of the most popular stretches of beachfront in Indiana right here in Washington Park. With the warm weather we had this past holiday weekend, we had more visitors than expected. Unfortunately, most did not exercise the required social distancing, jamming nearly elbow-to-elbow on the beach and in the main parking lot throughout the day and into the night.

The congestion associated with the large crowds and higher than normal temperatures created conditions right for several disturbances, fights, and a shooting on Saturday evening.  Michigan City maintains beach area patrols each weekend and on Holidays by Police Officers and during the week with our Fire Fighters. However, without cooperation from the public, maintaining a safe Washington Park is difficult.

Based on the threat to public safety in Washington Park, created by the conduct of the public last weekend, Mayor Parry has ordered the police to immediately begin to close Washington Park every evening at 9:00 p.m. Also, Michigan City Police will disperse any large congregation of persons in and around Washington Park.

Once responsible safe behavior is again exhibited in Washington Park, the hours at our park and lakefront will be extended.