Last night and this morning, Indianapolis saw another night of unrest in the city. Damage was received to some of our state’s war memorials and monuments. Veterans, especially combat veterans, understand and appall violence as American service members have fought for years to bring down tyranny and maintain our freedoms. We are united as Americans, and will get through this together. But peace must prevail. As many have said, fire met with more fire, only burns everything to the ground. The American Legion Department of Indiana supports America’s right to peaceful protests, however we denounce the violence and rioting that is damaging our communities and bringing more death. We pray for the safety of our police officers and National Guard who are protecting our communities, and pray that those who are peacefully protesting may be heard and not overshadowed by the violence, so that meaningful change for all people who call Indiana their home, may occur. The American Legion is comprised of more than 77,000 military service veterans who have served honorably during times of conflict in defense of their nation and has been active within Indiana since 1919. The Indiana American Legion has represented veterans from every major conflict since World War II to Iraq and Afghanistan within its membership.