The City of La Porte will not be extending its contract with the Transit Triangle commuter service, according to Mayor Tom Dermody.

“Despite its affordability, ridership has remained fairly stagnant over the last several years,” Dermody said. “Our residents expect us to be responsible with their tax dollars and unfortunately, numbers that low simply do not justify the cost. For this reason, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue our partnership with the Transit Triangle.”

Dermody said the City will shift its attention to its own TransPorte bus system. He said the savings from Transit Triangle could potentially lead to opportunities for TransPorte’s expansion down the road.

“We want to maximize opportunities within our own system so we can provide the best possible service to our residents while maintaining fiscal responsibility,” Dermody said. “As we continue looking at ways to improve, I strongly encourage TransPorte riders to share their feedback and suggestions.”

Dermody said TransPorte is currently running a survey of riders. Those interested can get a survey from any TransPorte bus or can find it online on the City of La Porte’s Facebook page. All responses must be submitted by Saturday, June 20. For more information, contact TransPorte Manager Beth West at 219-326-8274 or