Chief Dion Campbell and his administrative team have recently developed a new way in which MCPD will handle internal investigations. Previously, if MCPD received an internal complaint, the complaint would be reviewed and assigned to one of the Assistant Chiefs and/or a Supervisor. This week, Chief Campbell rolled out the Internal Affairs Investigation Committee (IAIC) to investigate officer complaints received by MCPD.

The IAIC is comprised of three (3) sworn/active members of MCPD. These members are appointed by the Chief of Police to investigate most internal complaints that are received. The exception would be those investigations in which Chief Campbell requests an investigation be conducted by an outside police agency.

When MCPD receives an internal complaint, one of the members would be assigned as the lead investigator of that complaint. The members can then work together to review and investigate the complaint, documenting their
investigation and findings in a written report for review by the DPS Commander. The completed investigation is then provided to Chief Campbell and his administrative team for final review. This system will assure that all complaints of police misconduct are thoroughly investigated and reviewed by different levels within the command structure of MCPD.

The newly formed IAIC will include: Sergeant Anna Painter, a 14-year veteran of MCPD that is currently assigned as a detective in the Investigative Division, Corporal Ken Eguia, an 11-year veteran of MCPD that is currently assigned as a Street Supervisor on Patrol Shift 2, and Officer Charles Henderson, a 23-year veteran of MCPD that is currently
assigned as a Patrolman on Patrol Shift 1. These officers will continue to serve within their current assignments within the department and will take on this task in conjunction with their current department duties.
Chief Campbell stated, “I am proud to announce the newly formed Internal Affairs Investigation Committee. This committee was chosen based upon integrity, professionalism, and diversity and will ensure that the high standards
and expectations of every Michigan City Police Officer are met. Please join me in congratulating Sergeant Painter,
Corporal Eguia, and Officer Henderson on their new appointments.