The Michigan City Senior Center will plan to re-open on a limited basis, with limited staffing on Wed, July 15th, 2020.  There will be strict safety protocols and restrictions in place. 


Safety protocols are as follows: 


· For activities at the Senior Center, at all times & in all places a STRICT 6-ft social distancing requirement will be mandated.

· ONLY MEMBERS, staff, and emergency personnel will be allowed access to the Senior Center during Senior Center hours.  No guests, no visitors, no exceptions.  New memberships will not be allowed in person.  Call us at 219-873-1504 for info on how to mail in your new membership application.  Current members, please mail in your dues.  DO NOT pay in person.

· You MUST wear a mask while entering the facility.  Once you reach your designated area to participate in your activity and sit down, you may remove your mask if you wish.  If you get up to move around for any reason, including using the restroom or exiting the building, you must replace your mask first.

· When you approach the Center, the front door will always be locked.  If there is a line, please maintain 6 ft apart.  Please wait 6 ft from the front door WITH YOUR MASK ON until a staff member comes outside to check your temperature with a no-contact forehead thermometer.  If you have a temp of 100.4 or greater, you will not be allowed access.  The side door will not be in use until further notice.

· If your temperature is normal we will ask you to come into the foyer, use the no-contact hand sanitizer (even if you are wearing disposable gloves) and read through the health questions listed on a poster board. 

· If you are symptom-free, you will be asked to enter into the building and sign in.  This sheet has a disclaimer at the top that reads:  “By signing this sheet you acknowledge that there are inherent risks to potentially being exposed to Covid-19 despite our best efforts to provide a safe environment.   You are acknowledging that you accept these risks and are here of your own accord.  You also agree to hold harmless M.C. Seniors Inc., the M.C. Parks & Recreation Dept., the City of Michigan City, all staff, volunteers, and the associated insurance companies of these organizations, should you be exposed to Covid-19 while participating in programming here at the Senior Center. “

· Proceed to your designated area, sit down, and remove your mask if you choose. 

· You will be allowed entry ten minutes prior to the start time of your activity and up to ten minutes after the start time.  You will not be allowed access at ANY OTHER TIME FOR ANY REASON other than this specified 20 minute time frame.  So for Session I, entry is permitted from 9:20-9:40.  Session II, entry is permitted from 1:20-1:40. 

· You must leave by the end time of each session, no exceptions.  If you are attending both the morning and afternoon session, you still must leave the first session by 11:30, then return between 1:20-1:40 for the afternoon session.

· Members are NOT allowed to come to the Senior Center to “hang out” except on Fridays during Social Hours.  If you are coming Mon-Thurs it MUST be to attend one of the above scheduled programs ONLY.  On Fridays during Social Hour sessions, individuals may come to the center and have social interaction while maintaining social distancing.  This allows members who are friends and socializing in person outside of the Center to join those same friends here at the Center.  During that time, you may simply visit or play games as long as you bring your own games and take them with you when you leave.  YOU MAY NOT USE GAMES, CARDS, OR OTHER EQUIPMENT FROM THE CENTER.  You will not be permitted to physically visit with other tables.  You MUST maintain the 6ft rule at your table.  Only 2 persons will be allowed per round table (which are 5 feet in diameter and by sitting 6 inches back from the table you can maintain the 6ft rule).  We have 37 tables in the main area.  In order to social distance between tables properly, we can only allow 18 to be occupied.  With a maximum of 2 persons per table, that allows for 36 persons to be allowed in the main area during each Social Hour session. 

· Members are not permitted to enter the Director’s or Asst Director’s office without prior approval.  Once that has been authorized, all persons within the office must wear a mask at all times. 

· There will be no access to the kitchen, nor the drinking fountain.  Please bring your own beverages.

· There will be no use of the tv’s, pianos, nor Wii gaming system.  Members are not allowed to enter conference rooms.

· Call 1st Travel for info on day & extended trips.  We do NOT have status information for these trips.

· At this time, no volunteers are being recalled.  We will let you know when we will resume activities that require volunteers.

· Programming will expand when it is reasonably safe to do so.

· Any member not adhering to these protocols will be asked to leave the facility.

· If you or someone you have been in contact with tests positive for COVID-19, and you have attended one of our sessions, please notify the staff as soon as possible at 219-873-1504.