The South Shore Line plans to periodically bus passengers between Carroll Ave. and the South Bend International Airport while we upgrade our track and segments of overhead wire between Michigan City and South Bend.

The next busing period will take place Monday, July 13, through Friday, July 24, 2020 (this includes the weekend of July 18-19).

Please note that bus service to and from Hudson Lake will not be available during this time. Hudson Lake passengers are encouraged to board at the Carroll Ave. station.

The following trains operating exclusively between South Bend and Michigan City are canceled during busing:
Westbound Train 422 & Tr 424 and eastbound Train 401, Tr 701 & Tr 703.

Weekday Trains #6, #403, #14, #7, #18, #9, #20, #11, #17, #22, and #19 will be bused July 13-17 and July 20-24 to match our published Monday-Friday train schedule between Carroll Ave. and South Bend.

Weekend Trains #502, #503, #504, #506, #505, #508, #507, #509, #510, and #511 will be bused July 18-19 to match our published weekend train schedule between Carroll Ave. and South Bend.

WESTBOUND: South Bend passengers will board buses located just north of the train platform at the South Bend International Airport. Passengers will disembark the bus at Carroll Ave. and board their normally scheduled trains for the balance of their westbound trips. 

EASTBOUND: South Bend passengers will disembark their trains at Carroll Ave. and board a bus for the remainder of their eastbound trips.

NOTE: No bikes will be transported via bus between South Bend-Dune Park during this time.