A completed Healing Garden is now a place of prayer and solitude at Franciscan Health Michigan City, thanks to a $25,000 gift from the NECA/IBEW 531 Powering America team of Northwest Indiana.

The gift funded three Healing Garden features:

·        * $10,000 for the Prayer/Family Conference Space, home to a statue of Blessed Maria Theresia Bonzel, foundress of the congregation that established their healthcare system.

·        * $10,000 for a Mosaic Paver Band of stone that resembles water near the Grotto Wall.

·        * $5,000 for a wall seat area in the Prayer/Family Conference Space.

The objects of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers are to cultivate feelings of friendship among those of the industry, to assist each other in sickness or distress and to seek a higher standard of living by elevating the moral, intellectual and social conditions of members, their families and dependents.