On Saturday, July 25, 2020 at approximately 11:40 pm, the Sanitary District became aware of a potential diesel fuel release into Trail Creek.  District personnel responded soon thereafter, and noted that the DNR, Coast Guard, and LaPorte County Hazmat were investigating a diesel release into Trail Creek near B&E Marina. 

District personnel checked upstream and found no diesel fuel.  District personnel also checked storm sewer discharge points and the construction projects on US Hwy 12 Bridge and near E. Street Bridge.  No source of diesel fuel was found.  

On Sunday morning July 26, 2020, District personnel again checked Trail Creek and stormwater discharge points and found nothing other than small pockets of diesel fuel near B&E Marina.  IDEM personnel were also on site on Sunday morning, and according to IDEM the diesel fuel did not enter Lake Michigan.  LaPorte County Hazmat deployed booms and absorbent pads to collect the diesel fuel.

By Monday, July 27, 2020 only slight sheen was present near B&E Marina.  The source of the release was not identified and there is no additional cleanup action was being implemented by the DNR, Coast Guard, IDEM, or LaPorte County Hazmat.