In New Buffalo this past Thursday, just after 7:30 pm eastern, first responders were dispatched to the New Buffalo City Beach to assist with a subject who had gone missing in the water near the US Corp of Engineers break wall. Rescuer’s searched the water and the rocks in the break wall and were unable to locate the individual. The missing individual is a 24 year old from Villa Ridge, Missouri, who was a contractor working in the area. A helicopter and UAV were used to do aerial searches. There were nearly 6tf waves and strong rip currents at the time of the search. The City of New Buffalo said that the high waves severely hindered the rescue efforts. Two New Buffalo Police officers suffered minor injuries from the break wall. At the time, other beach-goers had found themselves in distress in St. Joseph and Lake Township causing “multiple water related incidents” at the same time. WIMS will continue to follow this story.