The La Porte County Historical Society Museum is proud to announce its recent donation, a 9-foot copper sculpture of Icarus created by artist, sculptor, and former LaPortean Roland Hockett. Hockett grew up in La Porte, graduated from La Porte High School, and returned and taught art at La Porte High School upon graduation from college. Hockett, whose work is known internationally, now lives in Panama City, Florida, where he maintains his studio.

The statue, entitled “Icarus,” is a representation of the young man from Greek mythology who used wings crafted of feathers and wax in an attempt to fly. He flew too close to the sun, the wings melted, and he crashed into the sea.  

Reagan Buchanan, 11-year-old son of board member Drew Buchanan and his wife Jamie, was familiar with the story from Greek mythology and was asked to write a short description of the “Icarus” story to display with the sculpture.

Hockett was so impressed with Reagan’s story that Hockett selected a page from his sketch book of the statue’s preliminary drawings as a gift to Reagan. The drawing, signed by the artist, was presented to Reagan at the Museum’s unveiling of “Icarus” on August 1st. Reagan also has a younger sister, 9-year-old Brooke.

Fern Eddy Schultz, La Porte County Historian and La Porte County Historical Society board member, was instrumental in establishing contact with Hockett nearly two years ago. The artist has since generously donated multiple paintings and drawings to the Museum culminating in the donation of this distinctive work.  

In the spring of this year, Hockett notified the Museum of his wish to donate the sculpture, which was crated and shipped from Hockett’s studio in Panama City to its new home, the La Porte County Historical Society Museum in La Porte.

The public is invited to come in and view the sculpture, and read Reagan’s story of “Icarus,” on display at the Museum located at 2405 Indiana Avenue, La Porte. The Museum is currently open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. For questions or information, please contact the Museum at (219) 324-6767 or Masks are required in the Museum and visitors will have their temperatures taken. Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors (60+), and children 18 and under are free.