The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office is warning and alerting motorists of a police impersonator. 

Yesterday morning (08/13/20), a female reported to Deputy Austin Epple that she had been stopped by a male subject operating what was thought to be a policevehicle while traveling along US 20.  The female advised she observed a light-colored Ford Focus or Toyota Prius traveling behind her with red and blue flashing lights.  She turned onto Range Road and stopped her vehicle. 

A white male, approximately 6’0”- 6’02” tall, wearing a black T-shirt, black pants, a plain black baseball cap and a mask bearing the logo of the Michigan City Police Department   exited   the   vehicle   and   made   contact   with   her.     After   briefly communicating with the subject, she believed him to be a police impersonator.

She refused to provide the subject with any of the requested documents.  Themale returned to his vehicle and left the area traveling westbound on US 20. 

If  anyone   has   further   information  related  to  the  subject   or  vehicle  he  was

operating, you are asked to email Deputy Epple (aepple@lcso.in.gov).

Indiana Code requires all police officers to either be in uniform or driving a

marked police vehicle to initiate a traffic stop.  If a motorist becomes suspicious

and   thinks   they   are   being   or   have   been   stopped   by   someone   who   is

impersonating a police officer, they are encouraged to immediately call 911.