On September 10th around 7pm, the Chesterton Police Department received a report of a driver being pulled over near Dogwood park by a subject presenting themselves as a Police Officer.  Officers on scene determined that no Police agencies working in the county had any reports of an officer making a traffic stop in that area around the time of the incident. 

The driver of the vehicle stated that a dark SUV had pulled behind them with a red and blue flashing light on the front of the vehicle. The driver stated that a male subject wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a gray gaiter style face mask, which covered the lower half of his face, approached her window.  The driver stated that the male never identified himself as a Police Officer and told them that he was giving them a warning for an equipment violation.  The driver stated that the male got back into his vehicle and left the area. 

If anybody has any information regarding this individual or incident, please contact the Chesterton Police Department at 219.926.1136.