Michigan City Mayor Duane Parry is going forward with Trick or Treating, in family groups with adult supervision. The Mayor’s Office says variations on Halloween celebrations, or trick or treating, can be created, as long as people adhere to the rules, we all know: Avoid having large groups of people congregating together. Avoid indoor settings for parties. Make sure you’re masking. And it’s always safer to be outside. Saturday October 31st 4:00pm to 6:00pm. 
The Mayor’s office says if you are going to hand out candy in person, make sure you are wearing a facemask and it would not hurt to wear gloves. Getting creative about how you give out candy is the best way to approach it. Consider individual plastic bags with a set amount of candy and maybe have candy set out on a table where people walk by and pick them up as they go. Or find a way to give it out without having people congregating and yelling “trick or treat” on your doorstep. The design of a “Candy Tube” is an amazing and fun idea. Having a better way to dispense candy is preferable to having a group of kids on your doorstep.
The Mayor’s Office also says to try to really encourage your kids to hold off on eating candy until you get home, and make sure they wash their hands first. It’s true that SARS-CoV-2 particles can last up to 72 hours on plastic surfaces, most Halloween candy holds less surface area to harbor germs. Disinfecting each candy wrapper may be a bit over the top especially since you can naturally allow any potentially infectious surface germs to die off with time. Something that you can also do is to put most of the candy away for the first three days that it’s in your home. 
The Mayor’s Office says it is very important to wear a mask with a costume. Remind kids about how masks keep them safe. Promote the idea that it’s a cool part of the costume. Remember it is a two-hour event and we all need to work together to make this a fun and memorable time for our children. If you wish to participate please turn on your porchlight or set up an area outside your home.