Portage Police received information that a local resident received a telephone call from someone claiming to be Publishers Clearing House stating they had won a cash prize in their contest.  The caller gave the proper address for Publishers Clearing House as well as had the correct telephone number show up on the victim’s caller ID.  The caller knew the victim’s name and address and advised their prize team would be coming to their house the next day to award them a check. 

Later in the day the same person called back and instructed the victim to purchase prepaid debit cards in order to pay for the taxes on their winnings.  At this point the victim knew this was a scam attempt and stopped communicating with the caller. 

Police say they urge you to never purchase prepaid gift cards to pay taxes on any supposed prize.  Taxes on legitimate winnings will be taken when you file your normal tax returns and paid to the IRS and never to the person or organization awarding the prize.