Michigan City Area Schools say they had a successful first day “back to school” as they transitioned many students back to in-person classes, and others to new classrooms online or in their virtual academy.

MCAS is closely monitoring the community spread of COVID-19. MCAS now has a COVID-19 Data Dashboard for the district, which will be updated each Friday to report cases in the district, at each school.

A copy of the Data Dashboard and the Decision-making Matrix can be found at: educateMC.net/COVID .

MCAS also wants to share with you some specific information about the actions they will take based on their Reopening 2020 Plan and Indiana’s “Back on Track” plan.

As you may be aware, each Wednesday the State of Indiana announces color-coded status levels for each county in Indiana. For MCAS:

Blue means in-person traditional and MCAS Online maintains a normal schedule.

Yellow means in-person traditional and MCAS Online maintains normal schedule

Orange means all students either in-person traditional, hybrid, or MCAS Online. (If all students are online, this could still mean a hybrid schedule for Career-Tech and some MCHS students.)

Red means 100% online for all students.

For MCAS, “Orange” gives flexibility in operations. This means that the district will determine MCAS operations based on a number of factors. Those factors include (but are not limited to): the level of COVID spread in schools; COVID cases and positivity rate in Michigan City and the region; clusters impacting the community COVID rate; student absence and quarantine trends; the availability of supplies and readiness of facilities; and the ability to adequately staff all schools and programs. Based on these factors and the announcement that the state makes each Wednesday, this could impact MCAS operations beginning the following Monday.

Currently, MCAS is experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers. Please share the information below with anyone you know who may be interested in this opportunity. Follow this link for information on becoming a substitute teacher or substitute paraprofessional: http://educateMC.net/subs.

(Substitute Teacher Job Requirements: Any college degree and/or a minimum of 30 college credit hoursParaprofessional Job Requirements: High School Diploma or GED)