From Sheila Matias, President of Laporte County Commission.
As the COVID positive data continue to trend in the wrong direction, our employees remain front and center of our concern. Because of that and to help reduce the potential of workplace spread while also protecting the public, I have conferred with my fellow commissioners and I am exercising my authority as Commission President to return county operations to the hybrid model we used in late March through the end of June where county building doors (other than the Courthouses ) are locked and visits were by appointment only. Both Michigan City and LaPorte city have also employed this model.
Please work with your department head or supervisor to get direction regarding your schedule and work requirements. The HR guidelines we enacted in the spring will go into effect beginning on Monday. Wherever possible, service to the public will be via phone, email, fax, US Mail and by appointment only as appropriate. Employees who are older, immune compromised and those who can perform their function remotely will work with their supervisors to arrange for a remote work schedule to reduce workplace density. The courts and other judicial functions will need some time to adjust their schedules but will work together to move in this direction as they did previously.
I know you can all rise once again to this challenge.
The buildings will be locked to the public beginning on Monday unless there are extenuating circumstances such as scheduled court proceedings, etc. A sign will be placed on all exterior doors; please add phone numbers for your departments if appropriate to post.
Attached for your review is the Public Health Order released this afternoon which is effective as of Monday. I know we are all Covid-weary but now more than ever, we need to be vigilant– and kind. Your service to this community is exemplary and because we are county employees, we set the example for others to follow. Show your caring spirit by following every precaution to keep our families, loved ones and neighbors safe from this insidious virus.
I know we can count on you to work together to smoothly transition to this phase while still doing the people’s business. Thank you-please know how much you are