INDOT Northwest says that yesterday they had a close call with one of their maintenance crews working on Cline Ave. A vehicle crashed into the back of a truck mounted attenuator, causing major damage to the attenuator and the vehicle that struck it. Thankfully, the attenuator did it’s job and there were no serious injuries reported.
INDOT says they use truck mounted attenuators (TMAs) as a safety precaution when a crew is out working in the roadway. They help signal to traffic that workers are present and that motorists should slow down and move over. When struck, TMAs absorb the impact of a crash and reduce the damage to structures, vehicles and motorists.
INDOT says that even though it’s winter, crews will still be out on the roadways performing necessary maintenance activities. INDOT says help keep the roadways safe for their workers. and slow down and move over for road crews.